Our team will provide a consultative and collaborative approach to ensure we create a proposal for your project that is sustainable to your property, your business and/or your unique lifestyle.

Sustainable Interiors Design

Whether is indoor or outdoor: home or workspace, we can optimize the usage of your current space reconfiguring your existing blueprint to create sustainable and harmonious rooms to get the best possible result as a reflection of your unique personality. 
Fine consideration of your design tastes are curated to develop contemporaneous and coheasive spaces having in mind functional layout, flow and timeless finishes. 

Clean Eating Guidance

We are constantly looking for the best choices to fuel the body and the mind with nutrient-dense ingredients from sustainable harvesting. Therapeutic menu designing based on the usage of plants and adaptogens that help your body respond better to stress, anxiety or fatigue and overall wellbeing, bringing the body to a steady balance by managing both physical and mental aspects.

Wellness & Beauty Projects Advisory


We learn about the vision and the mission of your business project develop a fun and innovative yet conceptual presentation that keeps pace with current beauty and wellness trends to stands out from the competition. 


We re-imagine and re-invent your current menu of services: properly designed and adapted according to the business’ vision. Ritual creation, costing and copywriting can make a big difference. 


Would you like to know how to use key ingredients sourced from nature? Plants, flowers, seeds, and pressed oils in a variety of forms to create powerful combinations to optimize beauty and skin conditions. We put together a special selection of ingredients according to their active principles. 

Custom Service Protocol Design

Want to elevate the quality of your customer service? We review and condense the predefined guidelines that dictates how customer interactions should be handled by the different supporting roles in hospitality business (restaurants, wellness, and beauty businesses, etc.) into protocols which main goal is make happy and loyal customers by providing a smooth and top-quality experience. 


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