Diana's Bio

Diana Burillo

Sustainable Lifestyle Consultant

I live my passion as a Lifestyle.
Born in Mexico and resident in Europe for almost 20yrs, Diana is the Founder, CEO and Soul of DB Sustainable Lifestyle Projects and of the clean beauty brand Handmade Beauty, established in Madrid, Spain in 2010 and whose distribution has managed to expand across the European Union, the US and Latam. Her values, her personal and professional experience as well as her passion for sustainability, had led her to translate her vision of general well-being into projects that go beyond a high quality product line or the creation of delightful wellness rituals, but also align them within a coherent lifestyle with the solid purpose of having the most positive ecological and social impact possible.

Diana’s training in areas such as Interior Design, Grand Diplôme by Le Cordon Bleu, Sustainability and Herbalism have managed to converge at a point where the usage of sustainable materials and local artisanal work set the tone for a cleaner and more conscious lifestyle aesthetic, establishing the bases for a 100% personalized approach that matches with the specific values of each collaboration she becomes part of.

Diana is essentially inspired by different handicraft techniques, rituals and key materials that she discovers in her immersions and experiences around the world. She is constantly learning about new ingredients and creative processes with the aim of highlighting the benefits of evolving into a more respectful lifestyle with a cross-cultural angle, which offers her clients a broad vision and understanding of the needs of their business, spaces and lifestyle

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